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Patrick Farrell

Personal Branding and Confidence Coach

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I help clients share their authentic voice, discover their hidden gifts and talents, and make money online.

I love to create content and share my voice online! And I love to help others do the same. But quite often we have limiting beliefs that are holding us back from truly getting our voice out there and making an impact in the world.

I work with clients to discover those talents living inside, overcome anything stopping them from sharing them with the world, and helping them become the content creator they are capable of becoming.

What People Are Saying

I love to support people on their journey to find freedom and purpose

"Patrick is a fantastic mentor and experienced professional. I took part in 2 of his trainings so far, and it took us only two weeks to clarify my goals and what I want to work on. Each workshop session we went through my intentions , believes and obstacles that stop me from achieving my goals. I would recommend working with Patrick if you want to set the strategy and clarity about building your life/career."
Katerina Katya
Designer and Artist
"I attended a few online workshops of his and the quality of the content shared by him is priceless. I would recommend him to any entrepreneurs out there that need guidance, advice, insight and inspiration. He will help you break free from your limiting beliefs. Thank you, thank you!"
Melly Anton
"Patrick is an exciting and wonderful guide who has immense knowledge in working , specifically with regard to content creation and personal signature. I highly recommend working with him."
Tiffany Piper Curen
Breathwork Teacher

Looking for more clarity in what your gifts are that you can share with the world?

Click the link below for a 3-Day FREE Workshop you can do at your own pace to discover your gifts and talents that the world needs you to share!

In this workshop you will realize the path that helped you become the person you are today, become grateful for all of your skills and talents, and create an empowering vision for your future.

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