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Mindset and Online Business Coaching

Does it sound overwhelming to figure out how to make money online, grow an audience, and create a life where you can work from your laptop anywhere in the world? 

Then let me be your guide as we work together to transform your mindset and your beliefs to help you find the freedom and happiness you are looking for. Through this coaching, we work together to build a solid foundation for an online business you can operate anywhere in the world.

Discover Your Inner Blogger Workshop

Are you interested in starting a blog but just don’t know where to start? Then this workshop is for you. We will help you bust through any limiting beliefs you have about sharing your voice online and starting a blog to share your gifts with the world.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs Workshop

Are you struggling to find your voice online? Quite often we hold ourselves back because of limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and what people will think about us when we start to share our voice online. This workshop helps you identify and overcome those beliefs so you can start to share your voice with the world!

Entrepreneur Retreats

Are you looking to build a community of supportive entrepreneurs and business owners? Entrepreneurship is a team sport and it takes a village to become a successful business owner. That’s why I love putting together business retreats where you can connect and create the community you NEED to feel supported.

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Software Consulting

Need to dive deeper and get help with building out your next app for your startup? Reach out and I can support you as you define the architecture and offer software solutions for your project.

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