Why do you believe what you believe?

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We see the world through our belief systems, so what is a belief anyway?

A belief is a FEELING of absolute certainty that something is true. That doesn’t mean something is absolutely true in the real world, but it does mean you FEEL that it is true.

A belief is also just a THOUGHT you think over and over again until you solidify it as a belief.

It’s those thoughts that create our beliefs. So if that’s the case, how did our beliefs get formed in the first place? And if we have beliefs that are limiting us in our life, how can we possibly change those beliefs so they don’t stop us from succeeding at what we want to accomplish in our life?

Over the past year, I’ve realized many of the beliefs I have had over the course of my life were actually preventing me from succeeding in different areas of my life. And some of my beliefs were empowering other areas of my life!

Like I know for a fact that I had, and to an extent still have the belief that “Money is hard to make”.

Our beliefs control our thoughts and decisions we make too. So if we believe that money is hard to make, it’s going to prevent us from doing the things we need to do to make money.

It’s also been a struggle to move from an employee to an entrepreneur over the last 4 years because I didn’t necessarily believe that I was an entrepreneur until recently, and that was limiting my business.

But the cool thing is that we can actually change our beliefs. We can change what we believe so that we become more empowered in different areas of our life.

How can we change our belief systems?

One way I’ve been able to change my belief systems is through music. Music can help you change your thought patterns, so if you listen to music with positive and empowering lyrics, you can start to change your thought patterns.

And a change in thought patterns will change your feelings, A change in your feelings will give you the fuel you need to take action on the things you want to do in your life.

And once you start putting energy into the things you want to do in your life, you will start to see evidence that will reinforce your belief systems that you are the thing you are trying to be, in a positive way!

Change Your Belief Systems With This Playlist

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