What do you really want? And why do you really want it?

These two questions might be the most important questions to ask yourself in life. They help you define your vision and they help you define the direction of where you are headed.

How can you create what you want in life if you don’t know where you are headed, if you don’t know your end goal?

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But we often don’t take time to sit down with ourselves to build the clarity around what you really want to bring into our life.

  • What type of relationships do you want to have? 
  • What kind of experiences do you want to enjoy?
  • How do you want to make money?
  • Where do you want to spend your time?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What kind of impact do you want to make on the world?

All of these are important questions because they start to build the clarity you need to design your life, and to determine the direction that you are headed.

I’m also assuming that the life you desire for yourself includes lot of love, connection, healing, happiness and much more. But it’s up to you to define what is most important for you.

Just remember that any engineering project (your life included) requires a vision and design! 

And if you don’t build that clarity, the outside world is going to do it for you. There are so many things in this world that are competing for your attention, your energy, and your time. These include your friends, your family, the media, and the government. But remember that YOU are the conscious creator of your life and the reality that you live in.

Therefore it is up to you to determine the direction you are headed if you don’t want someone else to do it for you. And then you have to learn what to say YES to, and what to say NO to in life that aligns with your vision.

In addition to having this vision, we really need a burning desire to get there. We need a hunger so deep within ourselves that there is no way we will allow ourselves to give up.

That is where the WHY comes in

Why do you want to create this life for yourself? Why do you want to make this impact in the world?

Ultimately what I believe is that it is all about people. It is about being here on Earth to experience life together, to grow together, and to truly feel what it is like to spread and receive light and love into this world.

But along the way, we have doubts. We have doubts if we can turn our dream into a reality. We have doubts if anyone will want to join us on this journey. Just remember “What you seek is seeking you.”

There are people out there in this world that want and appreciate your leadership. There are people in this world that need what you have to offer. And there are people in this world that would love to go on the journey with you.

So if you need help building this clarity into your life. I have an E-book called The Rise that can help you get started. It will help you build the clarity around the gifts and talents already living inside of you.

And then it will give you exercises that help you define the vision for what you want to create in your life and why you want to make this happen.

You’ll also learn about my story of how I went from a 9-5 software engineer living in New York City to being a digital nomad and location independent entrepreneur. You can find out more here and I hope you find it valuable!

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