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Join me on a Travel Experience WILL change your life FOREVER

Are you at a cross roads in your life and feeling like you want to make a change? 

Do you want to create create a life beyond your wildest dreams. Something along the the lines of what you have only see in movies where you can travel the world, stay in epic luxurious places, and feel financially and emotionally free? 

Do you want to try create a fulfilling life where you can actually say that “you have it all?” Do you even believe that it is possible?

This was me just a few years ago. In the spring of 2016, I knew I had to make a change. I knew that I had to take a leap of faith and change the direction of my life. I knew this because I had a deep fear living inside of me filled of potential regret that if I didn’t at least give it a try, I would regret it FOREVER.

6 years later, I have traveled the world a few times over. Lived in places like Bali, Thailand, Europe and Brazil for weeks to months at a time. All while working from my laptop and often staying in some of the nicest and luxurious accommodations on the planet (The Legian Bali as one example). 

Legian Bali Pool
The Legian Bali

Along the way, I picked up so many incredible connections, travel experiences and wisdom about the world. I’m grateful to be sitting here today and able to confidently say that if I showed up in several cities around the planet tomorrow, I would have countless friends that would be excited to meetup for dinner, coffee, or amazing adventures. 

Less stress and more time to experience travel

I’m grateful that I’m now able to book a flight to Mexico not for a 4-5 “vacation” but for a 3 week experience where I get to work from new coffee shops, go to epic parties, and reconnect with friends that I have not seen in months. This has allowed me to feel free, and to feel less stressed in general as much of the pressure around “oh I need to be here” or “oh I need to be back at the office on Monday” has been removed from my life.

When I used to have 2-weeks of vacation each year, both my work life was stressful, and the vacation time was stressful because while I was on vacation, I didn’t really have enough time to leave my work fully behind. Both in terms of my thoughts about my job, and the actual emails from my boss while I was away in Europe for only a week!

Now life seems much less stressful because I can make a decision to say, hey, this music festival is coming up next month, let me book an Airbnb and work on my business during the week. Then go to this event over the weekend, exactly what I am doing right now in Tulum for the Sundream festival with Rufus du Sol, Monolink and Bob Moses.

Through this same principle, I’ve also been able to create space to attend personal growth conferences such as Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within, Lewis Howes Summit of Greatness, Mindvalley University, Nomad Cruise and many more. These events have expanded my mind, my body and my soul to create a richer and more meaningful experience of life.

To turn this dream into a reality, I had to push myself past my comfort zone

time for a change, new ways, letters-3842467.jpg

But none of this seemed possible for me just 6 years ago. It was really outside of my awareness of what is possible in this world to make happen until I actually made the jump and stepped outside of my comfort zone.

I couldn’t fathom at the time creating an Instagram audience of loyal followers. I couldn’t fathom the idea of networking with some of the most heart-centered entrepreneurs on the planet while attending an epic party in a Roman Colosseum. And I couldn’t begin to even think about sharing my voice online, making a video for YouTube or delivering a speech in-front of 200+ people.

I also couldn’t believe that I could be writing software or blog posts next to a pool in a tropical paradise. But this also has become somewhat of a normal occurrence in my world, including as I am writing this post right now. 

These are all things that I now have in my current reality. These are all things that once were a dream that now has become part of my everyday life.

And I want to help you make your dream life happen too. 

If you are looking to make a jump, if you are looking to take a leap of faith to create a life you truly love; then I want to be the one to support you on this journey. And I want to help you make this happen in much less time than the 6 years it has taken me to feel like my wings are finally starting to expand. 

Yes I’ve had some epic adventures and memories over the past few years, but it didn’t come without struggle and sometimes financial hardship.

So I want to help guide you, I want to show you the way and teach you what worked and what didn’t so that you can turn your dream into reality too.

The life you desire doesn’t have to look like mine. It’s not my goal to turn your into a digital nomad or location independent entrepreneur. If that’s the life you want, great I’ll show you the way.

But what I really to do here is help you do is create big dream and solidify a vision of the reality you wish to see for yourself, and give yourself the tools and energy shifts to really make it happen. 

You could dream to be a digital nomad, you could dream to have a ski villa in Lake Tahoe, you could dream of having multiple homes around the world and speaking on stages in front of thousands of people, impacting countless lives every year. And you can also dream of having a beautiful family with 2 kids, a dog and a loving and caring relationship where you support each others path in life.

Whatever it is, my goal is to help you expand your mind so you can visualize that dream, and then help you do the hard work around your mindset, your beliefs, your values, and your courage to really make this happen.

Are you ready to get started?

If this sounds like something you are interested in, then join me on an upcoming VIP small group coaching experience that is guaranteed to change your life forever.

Imagine traveling to a new location where you will change up your environment and step outside of your comfort zone; staying in high end hotels and resorts or Airbnb’s. Already thinking about San Diego, Tulum, Las Vegas, and locations in Europe for future trips.

las vegas, skyline, city-802193.jpg

Then we are going to work together to discover all the gifts and talents living within you, and understand how those gifts are the gold you already have to create your new life.

Through workshops, dinner discussions and adventures in nature, and more; we will work together help you build a definitive purpose and burning desire within yourself to make this happen.

During the trip you will have 24/7 coaching (minus sleeping) with me and 2 other individuals that are dedicated and determined to create a purposeful and meaningful life for themselves; a life full of impact, connection and creation.

We will workout together, we will have deep conversations, we will push our boundaries, and we will help each other see past what we currently can’t see ourselves.

I will guide you to discover what is in your sub-conscious that might be holding you back, I will help you discover what limiting beliefs are living inside of you, I will introduce you to epic people, and I will help you make a quantum leap that will change your life forever.

think, way of thinking, mentality-5292657.jpg

Also included in this experience is 3-months of group integration calls where will will be working together after the trip to ensure you make the lasting changes you need to really implement what we learned and what we shifted during the trip into your every day life.

Please understand that this will be a significant investment in your time, your energy, AND your money. I’m not here to tell you it will be easy to make these changes in your life, but I am here to tell you the truth that it WILL be worth it and you WILL FEEL more freedom after this experience than most people have felt in their entire life.

Apply Today for this VIP Coaching Experience

I promise I will deliver because you are working with someone that has not just read or thought about making this happen, but has actually lived this transformational experience myself.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out this form and help me understand why I should choose you for this first VIP Coaching experience. 

Remember I’m interviewing you just as you are interviewing me to be your coach, so please be detailed about what you want to create in your life as much as possible, and WHY you want to make this happen.

I look forward to working with you and guiding you down this path! I know it will be worth it because it was worth it for me and the hundreds of friends who have also gone down this journey with me.

Apply Here!

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