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How To Discover Your Inner Strength, Find Freedom and Rise Into Your Power

Everything you need to build your dream life is living inside of you,
let me help you unlock your potential and discover the power living within.

In this e-book, you are you going to learn how to discover your inner power, remember what's important, and be proud of yourself for all of the wisdom you didn't even realize that you had.


You can build your dream life, it's possible for everyone and I want to show you the path towards your dreams.

“After reading The Rise my whole perspective has changed for the better. Patrick’s story was so reassuring, and the exercises made me put pen to paper where I discovered a lot about myself. You will remember what’s important, and what has been within you all along.”

Shannon Nelson

Hi, my name is Patrick Farrell.


I’m a software engineer turned digital nomad turned entrepreneur.  I’m also a community builder that believes he is here to connect like-hearted individuals together to make the world a better place.


I’ve been traveling the world for over 5 years while I have been building a lifestyle and business that I truly love, and a business that I believe the world needs.


It’s one of my missions in life to help you realize and know that the life you want is out there.


The abundant and joyful life that you have always dreamed of is possible. It is just waiting for you to step into your power and invite it in.


I want to help you BELIEVE that you are a powerful individual and that you are worthy of it, because you ARE!

But we don’t often realize is that to create the life we want, it starts from within. It starts with us.

It starts with how you think, how you act and how you feel.


It starts with believing in yourself, believing that you are unique. Believing that your life experiences matter to others, that your wisdom is valuable that others want to hear what you have to say and learn from YOU!


I promise, there is a lion living inside of you and the world is waiting to hear your roar.

Your freedom life if out there, just waiting for you to claim it!

But what’s the first thing we think about when we start to desire a change in our life? Maybe a new job, new relationship, or new career.


We think to ourselves “oh there is so much I need to learn before I can make that happen.” Or we are afraid of losing what we have in fear that what's on the otherside won't be better than what we currently have.


But what if you went inside first. What if you realized the magic living inside of you, and then used that to change your life first.


All it takes to get started is becoming aware. Bringing awareness to your strengths, your weaknesses, your talents and your heart. Becoming aware of the forks in the road that helped you get to where you are today.


And once you discover those aspects of yourself, once you bring them into your conscious mind, you can start to turn what is living inside of you into gold.


You can turn it into the fuel you need to build the life you desire. When you live your most abundant and joyful life, you truly help the world.


That’s because you then have the tools, the resources, and the energy to really make an impact

on your family, friends, community and the world as a whole.

"The Rise" will help you:

  • Understand the forks in the road that got you to where you are today.
  • Understand that there is wisdom living inside of you waiting to come out
  • Create a clear vision for your future and actionable steps to make it happen.
  • Bring conscious awareness to what is holding you back so you can move forward NOW!

In just a short period of time you will have a clear vision for your future and become aware of all the limiting beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back from your dream.

"Wow- this e-book was exactly what I needed! I have been struggling with figuring out what my next steps in life and reading this and doing the exercises helped me dive deeper into what I really want!"

Dr. Erin KinneyDr. Erin KinneyAlternative & Holistic Health Service

Let’s take my story. I started out as a software engineer working at a start up in New York City. I had no idea how to run a business, I had no idea how to find clients, but I did know I had a talent that the world needs and values.


I knew (and still know) how to code and create software, a skill that I could do from anywhere in the world, as long as I had my laptop and an internet connection.


I knew this, and I believed in my skills and talents. But I still didn’t know how to turn this into something that would support me and the lifestyle I wanted to live.


Nevertheless, I was inspired by others.


I was inspired by people on YouTube and Instagram that we making this life happen for themselves. I watched countless YouTube channels from people like Casey Neistat, Sam Kolder and Yes Theory, seeing they make their dream happen, I knew it was possible for me to.

This is me flying a drone for a client in Thailand. I spent much of 2017 exploring the world in exchange for videography and photography work.

So that awareness of my own talents and skills, plus the inspiration from others who were already living the life I desired, gave me the emotional fuel I needed to take a leap of faith.


I decided it was a MUST for me to make this happen for myself.


The clear intention of having a job where I could work from my laptop plus the elevated emotions of seeing others live the life and I wanted and being inspired gave me the recipe I need to take a leap and change my life.


But that was just the beginning. I knew that if I really want to make this happen and THRIVE at this lifestyle, I was going to need to need some guidance.


I was going to need to surround myself with others who could show me the way. Entrepreneurs and digital nomads who had been there before, people that could lead me, inspire me, and help me light up my path to success.


I knew that I could only get so far with the environment I was in at the time and I had a deep desire to spread my wings. I wanted to live a life I always dreamed of and to make a positive impact on the world along the way.

So that’s why when I saw the advertisement on Facebook about Nomad Cruise, a feeling of pure ecstasy came over my body. I knew this was my path towards the life I wanted and I knew that proximity is power so this cruise would place me around others who were already successful in living

this location independent entrepreneurial life.


That first cruise opened my eyes. It made me realize that there was a life and world out there that I didn’t even know that was possible before this experience. A world full of adventure, fun, hard work and most importantly FREEDOM.

Freedom from having someone tell you where to go, where to be and when you have to work.


Freedom to decide for yourself how you are going to live your life, how you are going to make money, who you are going to spend your time with, and how you can make an impact on the world.


That first trip was just the start, and then for the next 5 years I would spend my life traveling, working hard, going to conferences and learning how to connect with myself.


I realized there was so much living inside of me that I wanted to share, and I realized there was so much I still wanted to learn. I realized I want to be a student of life forever and give others

the opportunity to step into their power.

So why am I telling you all of this?

I am telling you this because I want to inspire you to create the life that you have always dreamed of.


I want you to know that it is possible for you. I want you to know that everything need is living inside of you right now.


You just have to learn how to unlock the door to your greatest potential.


I didn’t start out this way on this journey. I started out as a nerdy software engineer that struggled to make friends, to fit in, and tackle the loneliness living inside of himself. I judged others for the life they had while doing nothing myself to change my own circumstances. But those who hate and judge can’t be inspired. They are too busy waiting on something or someone else to change their life for them.


So at some point, I decided that I had to take radical responsibility for my own life. I now know that everything I need is living inside of me, and it is MY responsibility to put the puzzle pieces together. It is my responsibility to be the conscious create of my life. And it is my responsibility to share my story with you and show you how I became the person I am today.


I want you to know that I am only getting started. I feel like the last 5 years of my life was a personal bootcamp.


It was a training ground for me to become who the world needed me to be. Because if we want to change the world, we have to go internal and change ourself first. We have to learn how to step into our power. We have have to learn how to believe in ourselves and let our light shine so that we can light up the way for others.


That’s why I have now written an E-book for you!


This book will help you discover more of who you are, where you want to go, and

the gold mine living inside of you.


People that have read the book already have said that The Rise made them realize they were playing and thinking small. It made them realize they should be more proud of themselves

and celebrate their life accomplishments more.

And it made them realize it is time to dream big, really big. To step into their power, and shine their light.


You have have everything you desire, and you can help the world at the same time.


There is a whole new world out there waiting for you. It’s full of everything you desire, but first you have to be willing to give up the world you have been accustomed to and living in by default.


You have to be willing to give up the old world so you can see the beauty and the magic of the new world.

In the old world, we judged ourselves for not being further along. In this new world, we love ourselves for how far we have come.


In the old world, we had a fixed mindset and spoke in stubborn absolutes. In this new world we explore the world with curiosity and wonder; we realize that we are a student of life on Earth.


In the old world, we contorted our truth and played small to fit in boxes we didn’t belong in. In the new world, we stand strong in our truth and our raw authenticity; it is our new currency.


In the old world, we felt shame and guilt about how we wanted to live our lives and what we should do based on societal conditioning.  In the new world, we celebrate ourselves and who we choose to be.


In the old world, we reacted to external conditions and were a victim to our circumstances.  In the new world we act with purpose, conviction and intention. We consciously create our life each and every day.


In the old world we suppressed our emotions and held in our feelings. In the new world we embrace our emotions and listen to them as guidance for how to move forward in life.


So it's time for you to step into the new world, for you to reclaim what is meant for you. It's time for you to RISE into your power and find the freedom you deserve in this life.

Meet Patrick

Hi, my name is Patrick and I love to help people discover a life they truly love.


About 5 years ago, I set out on a journey that caused me to leave everything about my old life behind, a life that was pretty fantastic (at least on the surface). I was living in New York City, I had a great job and some great relationships. But I knew something was missing.


I knew I wasn’t yet living the life I truly desired, and I knew there was more to see in this world. So I set out on a mission to expand my mindset, my skillset, and my network.

Little did I know that journey would take me around the world a few times and introduce me to an incredible group of people.


But along the way I had to answer a few questions for myself, and I have put a lot of these questions into my e-book called "The Rise"

So if you are ready to RISE, purchase my E-Book today! I promise you will not be disappointed.

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