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Are you ready to make this year the best year of your life?

Are you ready to create an empowering vision for your future and where you want to go personally and professionally in the coming year?

Are you ready to become the next version of you?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Then this e-book is for you!

This E-book is all about helping you RISE into your power. To help you become the person you desire to be and are supposed to be in this world. And to help you become happier, live in joy more often and find your purpose. We all have hidden talents and innate gifts to offer the world, so it’s my hope that this book can help you discover them for yourself, because they are already living inside of you.

It’s often said that awareness is the first step towards creating your new life. I wrote this book to help you become more aware of yourself and the incredible human that you already are. Awareness, which we often call consciousness, is one of the most important aspects of life if we want to truly succeed at what we are doing. If we want to succeed at relationships, well we need to be aware of the key elements of a successful relationship and how we should show up in that relationship.

This e-book is going to help you become the next version of yourself. To discover who you are and who you want to become. I’m grateful that you are taking the time to read this book and allowing me to support you on your journey towards success.

“Wow- this e-book was exactly what I needed! I have been struggling with figuring out what my next steps in life and reading this and doing the exercises helped me dive deeper into what I really want!” – Dr. Erin Kinney


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