Re-invent Your Instagram 2-Week Program



Instagram is possibly one of the most powerful tools on the planet to connect with like-minded people, to discover your passion for life, and to help you make money online!

But it often takes a lot of clarity to determine how you want to show up on the platform, what kind of value you want to offer your audience, and the message you want to deliver.

Join us for this workshop where we are going to help you create that clarity in your message and re-work your Instagram profile so you reach your target audience.

This workshop will help you have more clarity in how to show up authentically on Instagram, help you have a better first impression when people find your Instagram profile, and help you understand how to turn your profile into a work of art that is an expression of who you are.

You will discover all the tools necessary to get your started on your Instagram journey!


This workshop will be a series of 5 Zoom calls spread out over two weeks. The first week will be MWF, and the second week will be MF.

We will gather each day at for a 60 minute session on Zoom to discuss the tasks and training for the day. The time will be determined when the group is formed but most likely will be 1 PM EST.

Tentative start date February 8th, 20201.

Re-write and Re-Imagine Your Bio

What do you want someone to know about you when they first see your profile? Your bio tells the world who you are, what you do, and why you do it. You will have an engaging bio by the end of this challenge.

Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs about Posting

We all have something valuable to share with the world! But quite often we have imposter syndrome that keeps us from moving forward towards our dreams and keeps us from posting on social media. We are going to bust through all those limiting beliefs in this 5 part workshop.

Create New and Engaging Content

Work with the group to re-work your content, learn new editing skills, and create a professional looking profile.

Create a Content Strategy

Worried about how to consistently create content and grow your audience? You will learn about and create a content plan and understand your custom content pillars.

Build a Community

Build a community of others that are engaged and excited about creating a kick-ass Instagram profile and working together to grow your audience.

Do it if:

You are finally ready to step into your new identity.

You’re finally ready to make a permanent change.

You are looking for support in how to grow your audience.

You need accountability from a group to take action!

You are ready to overcome your limiting beliefs around posting on social media.

Don’t Do it If:

You are happy with your Instagram exactly how it is.

You are not interested in learning how to make money from your online brand.


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