Journal Day 2: Focusing my Attention has to be my Focus for 2021

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Where do we put our attention? Where does it go? Because our attention is our time. And our attention either helps us move forward in life, make more money, and find more happiness. Or it doesn’t, and it keeps us stuck. So building awareness around what we put our attention on is super important.

I know I made massive strides in 2020. In fact I’m super proud of myself for all of the things I DID do. But I’m also a little disappointed in myself in the things that I DID NOT do. And the reason I didn’t do them is that I lost my focus and let my attention drift away to other things that weren’t serving the highest good for my life.

I have several projects living in this laptop that I have mean to get out in the world for a few years. In fact, I know those projects are valuable and that the world needs them. And I’m currently robbing the world of their value by not spending the time and energy to finish them.

So why aren’t they finished? Well honestly I do love my life and I’m not of the opinion that I have to work 24/7. However, if I truly want to accomplish my mission, I need a bit more focus. I need to focus on those things I already said I was going to do and get them finished. Yes, traveling and other activities that have dominated a lot of my attention over the past few years were valuable for my growth and becoming the person I want to be, but that also kept me from finishing some projects.

The good thing is that you never fail if you don’t give up! So I know that this year is the year that I need to focus. This is the year that I need to build the projects I already said I was going to build. And also to build a team that can help me. Because honestly my vision for the empire I want to build and the legacy I want to leave on this world is too big for just me to accomplish by myself.

So my goal is not only to finish the projects I said I was going to do, but to inspire other people to get onboard and allow me to help them accomplish their dreams through my vision. Because each and every one of us wants to grow, we want to contribute and we want to feel connected. So if the projects I have to share with the world can help others accomplish their dreams, then I feel like I will be leaving the world a better place because of it.

Where is your attention going in 2021?

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